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ACMI Aircraft Lease

Aircraft Lease (Dry, Wet, Damp Lease)

Aircraft Lease:

Avijets is a leading aircraft lease broker around the world.  We specialize in the provision of wet lease (ACMI) operations in North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Our success in leasing is due to our successful and extensive relationships with the world’s best airlines.

A classic aircraft lease is when an aircraft is offered by its owner to someone who wishes to lease it. Any person, company or agency may lease an aircraft through Avijets’ ACMI program, and use it the way they choose within the guidelines and requirements of the lease contract.

Avijets acts as an intermediary agency guaranteeing that your interests are prioritized in the lease negotiation. We provide all-inclusive leasing solutions for all projects and needs.




ACMI/ Wet Lease:

ACMI is an aircraft leasing arrangement between a client and an airline, or an aircraft operator that offers the aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance so that they are billed hourly.
This leasing solution is customarily for startup airline companies, new routing implementations, seasonal routing, or peaks in demand that may not be met by an airline or agency.

AMI/ Damp Lease:

AMI is an aircraft lease very similar to ACMI, except that it is more suitable for airlines or agencies that have their own aircraft and trained crew for operations.  Safety and emergency procedures training is required for the crew offered for the AMI.
This leasing solution is typically designed for international and national airline companies seeking to address a peak demand for a specific season or occurrence.


Dry Lease:

A dry lease is for clients who are only seeking a specific type of aircraft for which they have already acquired an Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This leasing solution is aircraft only, without crew, maintenance, or insurance.


Operating Lease:

An operating lease is ideal for companies seeking to use an aircraft for a minimum period of 2 years in situations where they do not wish to bear the cost of purchasing it.


Financial Lease:

A financial lease is for those who need an aircraft and intend on purchasing it after the term of the lease has been completed. The purchase price is predetermined on the contract and is typically over 75% of the aircraft’s usable life.

From propeller models for quick Mediterranean “Puddle jumps” to multi-jet-engine airliners, Avijets will arrange for your group to arrive in style and comfort.

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