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Cargo Charter

Avijets Cargo Charter

Freight and Cargo Charter - Separator


Avijets cargo charter works closely with its clients and air carriers to analyse your cargo’s payload, routing needs, and arrival times and combines your cargo with part-charters, customs, warehousing and cargo loading/ unloading supervision. Our Cargo Charter Experts are at your service for pre-flight advice on how to handle your cargo and will recommend local handling companies that are most appropriate for Cargo Charter need.

Avijets delivers extremely cost-effective and dependable cargo charter solutions for high value commodities, oil and gas equipment, heavy/ oversized cargo, aerospace equipment, humanitarian relief, highly flammable goods and aircraft rescue operations.

Our cargo experts will properly analyze your cargo need by taking in consideration your routing requirements, payload and time frame. Avijets can offer backloads, part-charters, and many more solutions for all you’re your Cargo Charter needs.

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The men and women of Avijets are some of the most talented, ambitious, forward thinking, and genuinely caring individuals making them a strong force in the Air Charter industry. Avijets’ team takes the meaning of corporate responsibility to another level by focusing on all of your charter requests and also making sure you and your guests are satisfied beyond your expectations. I thank you for choosing Avijets for your Private Jet and Charter needs and wish you a unique flight.