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Part 380 Public Charter

Part 380 Carrier Public Charter

Avijets arranges regularly scheduled Part 380 Carrier public charters as an Indirect Air Carrier complying with the US DOT and local authority regulations. We work with multinational airlines and travel agencies worldwide to provide a broad selection of aircraft.

Our extensive database of long-range and regional airliners allows us to satisfy any public charter inquiry.


Part 380 Public Charter

International airlines and travel agencies regularly schedule on-demand Part 380 public charters through Avijets as an Indirect Air Carrier complying with the US DOT and/or the applicable local air transport authority.

Part 121 carrier

We acts as a direct consulting agency for our Public Charter clients. Our staff is able to offer budgetary estimates and a break-down of the total cost per passenger for every route proposed.

It is required that all entities planning to set up scheduled Part 380 Carrier public charter programs in the United States to submit an application to the US DOT. All other relevant countries have similar flight authority requirements.


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