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Please review our FAQ:

Why should I charter a private jet?

Air chartering allows you to benefit from time and location flexibility, luxury of service, privacy, time and money saving.

Should you arrive late to the airport, no plane changes will be made to your flight and the captains will wait for your arrival to greet and escort you to your jet.

The many advantages of chartering a jet also include:

1. Selecting the traveling companions that you want

2. Convenience and time efficiency since there are no security checkpoints

3. Traveling relaxed with excellent catering and service facilities

4. Benefiting from the highest degree of air safety

5. Selecting your pilots, cabin crew and staff

6. Keeping your belongings with you at all times

As one of the world’s largest private jet charter companies, Avijets has access to thousands of private jet operators around the globe. This allows our staff to get you the best Price/Quality relationship possible for your trip.

Avijets provides all inclusive pricing which varies widely depending on several factors. The two most influential factors are the type of aircraft you choose and how far you wish to fly.

Other factors which affect the charter price include:

1. Cabin service representatives

2. On-board catering

3. Time incurred for layovers

4. Any changes to the itinerary or flight time

5. International traveling fees

6. Flight crew overnight expenses if applicable

7. Fuel surcharges

To find out about how much it costs to travel by a private jet, please use our optimized booking engine. Our travel experts will always be upfront about any charges you may incur so there are no hidden costs.

Should you have any special request, please contact us at booking@avijets.com or call +1-321- 234-5387 and we will provide you with the best possible quotes.

Avijets is trusted by celebrities, government officials, VIP personalities, professional sport players, international superstars and individuals like you.

We always recommend booking your flights with Avijets as soon as your travel plans have been set. The earlier you make your reservation, the wider the choice of available aircraft you will have, and the better price we can secure for you.

Also, being experts in last minute flights, we can dependably accommodate your urgent and unexpected travel requests. Our customer service representatives are available round-the-clock seven days a week.

Email us at any time at booking@avijets.com or call +1-321-234-5387.

1. Once we receive your flight request through our booking engine, by phone at +1-321-234-5387 or by email at booking@avijets.com, you will be presented with a number of quotes based on your preferences.

2. Upon your selection of the best offer, we will send you a Jet Charter Broker Service contract

3. Once the contract is returned to us with the required travel documents, you will be provided with a complete itinerary, a Wyvern Safety Report, the operator’s and the pilots’ names and contact numbers along with all other pertinent travel information.

Chartering a private jet grants you access to thousands of airports throughout the United States, Canada and Worldwide. We fly to over 10.000 airports in the U.S and worldwide including all major, small and many other local airports.

AviJets gives you more choice, so you can fly to and from smaller airports that are closer to your destination instead of their busier and congested commercial counterparts.

AviJets team will be happy to help you customize a program for block time purchases depending on the aircraft type, your destination and your flight frequency.

We operate round-the-clock, seven days a week 365 days a year. Call us anytime at our 24-hour service line +1-321-234-5387.

When you charter a private jet you are free to arrive anytime you want. However, we recommend showing up for your flight 5 minutes prior to your departure on domestic flights, and 15 minutes on international flights.

When you fly privately, you save time before and after your flight.

Considering the minimal check-in times and the avoided delays related to paperwork and luggage, you save hours on the ground before and after your flight. Also, when you charter a private jet, you enjoy a much wider choice of airports since most private jets have a shorter minimum runway (length required for landing).

All aspects of our operations revolve around a steadfast commitment to safety. AviJets works only with FAA Part 135 approved charter operators for all local flights and only the most qualified international operators.

Your dedicated trip coordinator will assist you in planning every aspect of your private flight.  AviJets’ team will provide support and assistance before, during and after your flight.  Our travel experts are available round-the-clock, seven days a week 365 a year.

We accept bank transfers, credit card payments and electronic wires. Please call our 24-hour service line at +1-321-234-5387 to discuss payment options.

As part of our safety standards and commitments, we always recommend having two pilots on board. On some aircraft; nevertheless, having only one pilot is possible.

Standard snacks and beverages are available on all flights, and any additional specific catering can be ordered by request.

Furthermore, cabins that are equipped with a galley facility allow you to prepare food on-board.

For safety purposes, a flight attendant and/or a cabin server may be required for larger aircraft, but for most of the smaller jets, they are optional.

The luggage that can be accommodated on board as well as the size of any other items such as skis and golf clubs depend on the weight limit and the dimensions of the selected aircraft.

Should you have any question regarding excess baggage or other special items, please ask your charter specialists by calling +1-321-234-5387 or by email at info@avijets.com.

Meeting special needs such as helping the elderly on board is a standard part of our charter service arrangements.

If your parent can walk and doesn’t require the attention of a nurse, our compassionate pilots can help.  Otherwise, we will be happy to help secure an air ambulance with flight nurses. Please contact us to discuss which method of air travel would satisfy your requisites.

Pets are welcome on board as long as they have their travel documents. Although different countries have different regulations about traveling pets, just inform us of who is flying with you and we will do our best to make your air travel experience perfected.

Should you cancel altogether, please give us as much notice as possible to avoid cancellation fees. The cancellation policy is provided along with your charter quote.

Should your itinerary, departure time or the number of passengers change in any way, our travel experts will work with you to reschedule and redesign your flight according to your preferences. Please give us ample notice so that we can rearrange your trip.

A private flight can be secured in as quick as half an hour, depending on your requirements.

You certainly can. Our qualified team of air charter specialists will work with you to fulfill any request be it a one-way flight request, a multi-leg charter or any more complex drop-off itinerary.

Upon booking your flight with AviJets, we will send you a packet that includes all the important information related to your flight. You will be given a complete itinerary with the FBO’s (i.e. private aviation terminal or general aviation terminal) for both departure and arrival, the aircraft tail number, a Wyvern Safety Report, the operator’s name and contact numbers, the pilots’ names and contact numbers, and any other pertinent travel information. Just walk into the FBO and tell the receptionist your name and the tail number of the aircraft you will be using. You’ll be on your way in no time.

FBO stands for Fixed Base Operator. Private jet terminals or general aviation terminals are typically referred to as FBO’s. These private jet terminals are usually set up with lounges, snacks, conference rooms, internet access and provide fuel and other services for pilots and passengers.

When you arrive at your destination, your pilots will escort you with your baggage and other passengers, if any, to the terminal building where you can meet your onward transportation.

Please email us at info@avijets.com or call +1-321-234-5387 anytime for immediate answers.


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