Paradise of the Maldives

Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island, at 18 miles from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in the Maldives, is truly the jewel of the Indian Ocean. Floating the world’s most stainless waters, Coco Privé is where serenity meets luxury.

Its state of the art living, unparalleled amenities, quality of service, and absolute privacy make it a paradise attracting the world’s most discerning travelers.

Designed by the award-winning architect Guz Wilkinson, Coco Privé Island can be a place for a fairy-tale private party, or a luxurious romantic wedding. The view is spectacular from all ends of the residence and doesn’t falter with the facilities that are available for the whole duration of the stay.

In Coco Privé’s clear aquamarine sea exists incomparable residences with spacious bedrooms, majestic living and dining spaces. The Private swimming pools at the guests’ disposal along with a private Jacuzzi, a cocktail bar, a private gym and a 5-star service allowing guests to enjoy the Maldivian cuisine or any international meal 24-hours a day without lifting a finger.

In addition, the technology put in place allows hosts to control every light-source, heat and sound setting from their smartphones making the venue an absolute paradise.

Activities in Coco Privé

The personal staff of the island organizes unique activities allowing their guests to enjoy the full experience of the island. In addition to wind-surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports, privileged guests are invited to try other bespoke activities namely sand-bank picnic on white sand, or a campfire under the mesmerizing Maldivian skies.

Most travelers charter a private aircraft to the Maldives then hire a yacht, and it’s on the yacht that the Coco Privé journey starts.