When it comes to air travel, private jets allow you to benefit from time and location flexibility, luxury of service, privacy and money savings.

While it is true that renting a private aircraft is luxurious, the real advantage of private air travel is convenience and efficiency. Passengers don’t have to wait in line for their flight, nor do they have to go through the stressful dreaded security checkpoints, or follow the imposed departure time. Air chartering gives you the privilege of flying wherever you want, whenever you want.

If you arrive late, no plane changes are made and the captains wait for your arrival to greet and escort you to your jet.

Most of the aircraft today are equipped with laptop outlets, WiFi, cabin phones and fax machines. Therefore, you will have access to internet and communication tools during your luxurious journey. And once you are on your aircraft, you choose when to eat and drink at your convenience. You may listen to music, watch movies, surf on internet or change seats if you prefer to look through the airplane’s windows and admire the breathtaking landscapes from above.

When you reach your destination, your fixed-base operator (F.B.O) staff will be there to accommodate you and carry your bags. So your belongings are continuously with you and there is zero chance that they will be damaged, lost or sent to the wrong airport.

Private air travel also allows you to:

     1) Select the traveling companions you want

     2) Choose the jet you want, light, medium or heavy private jets

     3) Pick your exact departure time, your most convenient arrival time and the location that you like

     4) Travel relaxed with excellent catering and service facilities

     5) Benefit from the highest degree of air safety

    6) Choose your pilots, cabin crew and staff

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