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Gourmet Catering

Private Jet Gourmet Catering

Avijets is proud to present its full-service executive and group Private Jet Gourmet Catering. We cater to more than just your culinary needs, we consider every opportunity a chance to satisfy the world’s most discerning tasters and every flight with our in-flight Gourmet Catering a fresh chance to prove that we provide the fines in flight dining experiences.

Standard VIP Catering is created to meet the needs of the corporate and private jet segment on-board all chartered aircraft as the dining experience is a key aspect of the air charter experience. Flower arrangements, international magazines & newspapers, utensils and displays are indispensable offerings through Avijets.

Our network of handpicked catering suppliers offer cutting-edge techniques for fine dining and molecular gastronomy with immense efforts to raise service standards to new levels. we have the flexibility to offer the world’s most comprehensible and finest cuisine aboard any aircraft.

Avijets Account Managers provide insights and ideas for the right menu to suit your Private Jet fine dining experience, including Kosher and Halal alternatives to all meals on the menu.

Our in-flight dining is dedicated to catering every flight in a unique and unforgettably delicious style.

We look forward to exceeding your VIP expectations!

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