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No exotic destination is too remote for AVIJETSShort Overview

Set course for the destination of your desire, with our team of highly-trained pilots with expert knowledge and certification of all airport designs. Panellenic Private Aviation is connected to a worldwide network of Category C airports. Access to Category C airports is exclusive and rare, usually due to particularities of the natural scenery, and we are proud to offer this service to our clients. From our base in Heraklion, stay connected to the most idyllic locations throughout Europe, from Mykonos to Madeira, London City to Lugano.

Category C airports, like Innsbruck in Austria, are utilized for specialized, luxury private charters and flights. Located in urban centers or remote environments, these short-runway airports require skilled navigation, technical landing schemes and proficient pilots. Significantly, it is not just a sense of privacy and convenience these airports offer. They represent a gateway to hard to reach destinations, inaccessible to the average commercial pilot. Our pilots and private aviation services therefore offer you bespoke adventures downs paths less travelled, all the while being indulged in our plush amenities and incomparable customer service. Whether you seek to fly to an urban metropolis or the volcanic fields of Santorini, AVIJETS can guarantee a safe and smooth journey.